How to Design Cozy Guest Rooms

How to Design Cozy Guest Rooms - Spirit Linen Home

Designing the Perfect Guest Room: 6 Tips on Picking Comforters, Sheets, and Pillows

As hosts, we always want our guests to feel comfortable and at home. One way to ensure that is by designing the perfect guest room. Whether your guests are staying for a night or a week, their comfort should be a top priority. There are various elements to consider in designing a comfortable and inviting guest room, from the right comforters to the perfect pillows. So, join me today as I share six amazing tips on designing the best guest room for your friends and family.

Start with the right mattress:

The first rule of designing the perfect guest room is to invest in a high-quality mattress. You don't want your guests to spend their time tossing and turning and wake up with sore backs. We recommend picking a mattress of medium firmness that would suit the majority of your guests. A comfortable mattress will go a long way in your guests sleeping soundly and feeling rejuvenated the next morning.

Invest in comfy sheets:

After the mattress, the bed sheets are another essential element to consider. Invest in high-quality bedding that feels soft and cozy on the skin. Satin or Egyptian cotton bedsheets are durable and breathable. Pick fresh linens that complement your guest room's decor scheme. It is always good to have at least two sets of sheets for every bed in the guest room.

Opt for fluffy pillows:

Pillows are a vital component in the art of designing the perfect guest room. Invest in good quality and comfortable pillows that provide ample support. Fluffy and plump pillows make a room feel comfortable and inviting. Ensure you have different types of pillows: firm, medium, and soft. Some guests prefer flatter pillows, and others love a full and fluffy pillow to rest their heads comfortably.

Comfortable comforter sets:

Comforters play a crucial role in keeping your guests warm and cozy in chilly weather. It is essential to choose a comforter set that is soft, lightweight, and comfortable. Invest in a comforter that's easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Down alternative comforters are ideal for guests that have allergies. When selecting a comforter set, consider the temperature in your guest room so that you don't pick one that's too warm or too cold.

It's all about the details:

When setting up a guest room, remember that small details make a big difference. Add some homely touches, such as fluffy rugs, woven baskets, and decorative pillows. Invest in an excellent bedside table and lamp, and place a vase with fresh flowers on the table. Little extras like a scented candle or a personal note from you could go a long way in making your guests' stay memorable.


Finally, always remember that guests need storage spaces to keep their belongings organized. Invest in a closet with hangers, drawers, and a luggage rack that's easily accessible. Place a full-length mirror on the wall, and you're good to go. Don't forget to include extra blankets in the closet to keep your guests warm.


Now that you have the complete guide to designing the perfect guest room, you are ready to welcome your guests with open arms. Remember to start with a comfortable mattress, soft sheets, plump pillows, invest in a lightweight comforter set, and pay attention to the details. These design tips will not only reflect your style but also ensure that your guests have a comfortable and memorable stay. Happy hosting!

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