How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Learning how to fold a fitted sheet—that top sheet is a whole other story—is like riding a bicycle: Both tasks can seem overly complicated at first, but once you’ve done them smoothly, they become second nature. (Next up is figuring out how often you should wash your sheets and sticking to it.) If you’ve got riding a bike down pat but still need a little help with folding a fitted sheet, we’re here to provide those figurative training wheels for a little longer with our How to Fold a Fitted Sheet video.

Folding a fitted sheet may not seem like a high-priority skill, but it can do a lot to keep your sheets neat and feeling refreshed. If you’re investing in only the best bed sheets, you’ll want those fitted sheets to last as long as possible, and one step of proper care is putting sheets away neatly, in a place where it won’t be exposed to life’s typical disasters. (Balling the sheet up in the top of your closet is just asking for a tear or dust pile-up.)

Keep your fitted sheets—and the rest of the best bedding you’ve so carefully collected—in tip-top shape with our quick guide and video. We promise learning how to fold a fitted sheet is easier than you think. Above is our video for folding a fitted sheet, and below are the four steps that will get you from crinkled heap to crisply-folded fitted sheet—no special tools needed.

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